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This Week's [in]Security - Issue 269

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Welcome to This Week’s [in]Security. PCI and payments: PCI updates: Brazil. Skimmers. Payments: New breaches: Nuclear documents, Brexit, GM, Colleges, Toronto. Follow-ups & Fall-out: MGM Resorts, GitHub, NPM. Privacy: DuckDuck, Facial tech, data safety. Laws & Regs - Canada: C-11. US: Disclosure, Twitter, Content moderation, Zuckerberg, Trolls. World: Clearview AI, Privacy Shield, Borderless data, Platform liability. Defense - Tools & Techniques, Vulnerabilities, Advisories: CISA. Zerodays, Patching: Vmware, Zoom. Other: AWS key theft or research? Containers, Forging Australian digital IDs, Phishing infosec. Vulnerability research: Controlling touchscreens remotely, Pre-hijacking accounts, manipulating ML. Crypto-research: RSA, AES. Cybercrime: Trends: Crime & Enforcement: Nation States and mercenaries. Other. Other Risks: General: Health, Safety, Environment, Disinformation, Russia v. Ukraine. Innovation and more.

PCI Compliance and Payments

News and announcements relating to Payment Security, PCI, Card Brands, Payments, Payment Malware and Fraud, and Payment Related Compliance.

Breaches / Ransomware / Leaks

Covering breaches, leaks, data exposures, ransomware (as potential breach), and their fallout.


Articles about privacy related news, risks, and trends.

Laws, Regulations, Platforms, Standards, and Public Policy

News about laws, regulations, platform rules, and standards affecting security, privacy, technology, and public interest.

Defense / Techniques / Solutions

Covering developments and opportunities that may help improve security.

Bugs/Design Flaws/Vulnerabilities/Research

Articles about newly discovered vulnerabilities and research.


News covering active trends, alerts, events.

Other Security/Risks

Articles covering other types of risks.

Russia v. Ukraine

News and announcements relating to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Off-Topic/Science & Tech/Lighter Side

A variety of scientific, technical, historical, and more light-hearted news.

This Week's [in]Security - Issue 271

Welcome to This Week’s [in]Security. Non-Compliance Lesson, DSSv4 related, Skimmers, Other Payments. New breaches: 7 breachers per capita, Shields &...

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Non-Compliance Lesson No. 4: Keep your head in the cloud when adopting new technologies

PCI DSS can be hard and not preparing for it just makes things harder. Following this advice is guaranteed to make it both more exciting and painful.

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“Follina” – Critical Zero-Day Exploit for Microsoft Products


Over the past holiday weekend, a tweet from Tokyo-based security researcher “nao_sec” first identified an interesting upload to antivirus...

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