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This Week's [in]Security - Issue 277

Welcome to This Week’s [in]Security. PCI and payments: PCI updates: Compensating Controls vs Customized Approach. Skimmers, Scammers & Magecart. Payments: Cash. New breaches: Entrust, Twitter users, Okta, Alibaba. New Ransomware, Major outages: Rogers fallout. Follow-ups & Fall-out: $1.2B Didi fine, $350M T-Mobile fine, Zuckerberg. Privacy: tracking war, DHS. Laws & Regs - Canada: Copyright. US: Ransom bans, Anti-trust. Standards: NIST wearables, DevSecOps, HIPPA. Defense - Training & events: Cybersecurity Framework. Tools & Techniques: macro blocking, adversarial patches, microcode decryptor. Vulnerabilities: Roundup! GPS, Confluence, Cisco, supply chains. Patching. Other: ICS, Spectre, IoT, Other: Air-gap. Crypto-research. Cybercrime - Trends: Residential Proxies, WordPress, "Pig Butchering", Phished-in. Crime & Enforcement. Nation States and mercenaries. Other Risks - General: Google oops, Space-canucks. Health, Safety, Environment, Economy. Russia v. Ukraine. Innovation and more.

PCI Compliance and Payments

News and announcements relating to Payment Security, PCI, Card Brands, Payments, Payment Malware and Fraud, and Payment Related Compliance.

Breaches / Ransomware / Leaks

Covering breaches, leaks, data exposures, ransomware (as potential breach), and their fallout.


Articles about privacy related news, risks, and trends.

Laws, Regulations, Platforms, Standards, and Public Policy

News about laws, regulations, platform rules, and standards affecting security, privacy, technology, and public interest.

Defense / Techniques / Solutions

Covering developments and opportunities that may help improve security.

Bugs / Design Flaws / Vulnerabilities / Research

Articles about newly discovered vulnerabilities and research.

Hacking / Malware / Cybercrime / Exploitation

News covering active trends, alerts, events.

Other Security / Risk

Articles covering other types of risks.

Russia v. Ukraine

News and announcements relating to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Off-Topic / Science & Tech / Lighter Side

A variety of scientific, technical, historical, and more light-hearted news.

Control Gap Vulnerability Roundup: August 6th to August 12th

This week saw the publication of 576 new CVE IDs. Of those, 80 have not yet been assigned official CVSS scores, however, of the ones that were,...

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This Week's [in]Security - Issue 280

Welcome to This Week’s [in]Security. PCI FAQs. Crypto-research: the PQC demo derby, more SIDH attacks. New breaches: Twillo, Cisco, Shanghai, ipay88,...

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Control Gap Vulnerability Roundup: July 30th to August 5th

This week saw the publication of 449 new CVE IDs. Of those, 315 have not yet been assigned official CVSS scores, however, of the ones that were,...

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