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Control Gap is proud to introduce our participants for Movember 2021: Ben, Connor, Corey, and David who help us raise funds for #menshealthmonth and #movember. In the best spirit of fun and competition our team will compete for the best MO (and bragging rights). Everyone will be able to vote on Linkedin for your favorite at the end of the month!

Please visit our Movember page at and donate to a good cause.

In honour of all the people that support Movember's efforts for mens' health!

A Movember Moment

A few years ago some lads from down under,
started a movement that's now really a wonder.

To raise funds for cancer and other good causes
was the goal of these men from the land of the Auses.

A symbol was needed that men could wear proudly,
to shout their support both clearly and loudly.

Small at the first when it started down under
yet soon it had spread faster than thunder.

The first week is frightening with many new staches,
appearing on faces like childhood rashes.

Peach fuzz, and stubble, and whiskers, and more
are growing on faces as if shaving's a chore.

In Week two the whiskers continue to sprout
and bystanders now can be in no doubt.

Mo sistas support us while growing our staches
and occasionally don staches with glasses.

Week three is full of tickles and itches
pledges come in and so do the pitches.

In week four bro thoughts turn toward grooming
now that the end of Movember is looming.

There are Zappas, and Magnums, and Grouchos, and Dalis,
and Addams, and Clouseaus, and Smokeys, and Lannys.

The end now approaches with every stache measured
the donations pour in and truly are treasured.

By the first of December it's time for a shear
so the lads can recoup and grow one next year.

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