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This Week's [in]Security - Issue 256 - Ukraine

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Welcome to this special edition of [in]Security. Our regular news update can be found

Much of the world was shocked at the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As the terrible cost of another war in Europe unfolds and the World rallies to help Ukraine and constrain Russia, the risk of escalation and overreaction go beyond the immediate battlefield with sanctions, bans, and cyber-mercenaries in play. Our sympathy and support goes out to the people of the Ukraine.

Update: 2022-03-03 Created as a standalone article with additions on how people can help. As events progress, we will continue to report on risks and events arising from this crisis in our regular issues under our usual topics.

News of the war, sanctions, reactions, and related risks

Donations and Support

For those of you looking to help the Ukraine, please do your due diligence on donation sites. Scammers, fraudsters, and criminals are actively trying to exploit this tragedy for financial gain.

You can choose to donate through familiar channels such as the Red Cross, but if you are interesed in direct donnations consider these:

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