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CDRThief New VoIP Linux Malware – Can Credit Card Skimmers be Far Behind?

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Many organizations have either undergone or are planning migrations or acceleration of call centers, remote working, and online presence exploiting technologies like VoIP. Criminals are increasingly taking an interest in these channels. An interesting discovery by ESET, Linux based malware targeting soft-switches produced by China based Linknat. Two models are affected the VOS2009 and VOS3000.

This malware steals call detail recording (CDR) metadata from the systems internal MySQL database. At this time it’s believed that the goal of this malware is International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF).

While this isn’t a VoIP Credit Card Skimmer, it demonstrates that there are skilled bad actors actively exploiting telephony technologies. This development shows why it is important to review all information channels and ensure that they are both secure and compliant.

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